Google have announced that their web browser, Google Chrome, will soon be marking down websites that aren’t secure1. This could mean your website may appear below your competitor’s websites on google searches.

There is a secure connection called SSL, which most websites use. You can tell a website is secure as there is a padlock next to where the website address appears in your web browser. Secure websites mean that the information you share with them, for example, an email address or credit card details when purchasing an item, go through an encryption process that prevents hackers from accessing your data.

Google Chrome is the worlds most favoured browser driving 77% of all website traffic2. This means if your website isn’t secured, the majority of users will see the non-secure message on your website.

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1. Announcement was made via a Blog Post on Google Chromes website -

2. Browser statistics information based on W3 Schools webiste -

Friday, February 9, 2018

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