New to Websites

New to Websites

If you have never created a website from scratch before, then Ark Web Hosting is for you.
Below, we will tell you everything you need to know in order to setup your own website, so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

What do you want from your website?

So, first thing’s first, what is the purpose of your website? Is it for a portfolio? Is it going to be an online shop (also known as an eCommerce website)? Is it going to be an online resource for people to download content? Understanding the purpose of your website will help you to choose the right steps in order to get it off the ground.

Buy your Domain name

After you’ve determined the purpose of your website, the next thing is to choose the domain name. This is what someone will type into their web browser when trying to visit your website. An example of this would be Currently we don’t offer domain names yet, but we will do soon. However, one of the most popular UK based companies that offer this feature (also known as a domain registrar) is

Additionally, you will also have to decide on the domain extension (also known as a Top Level Domain or TLD). You domain extension are the letters that come after the full stop in your domain name. For example, with, “.com” is the domain extension. The most common are “.com”, "" or “.org”. Over the past 5 years or so, there has been a development in the creation of more bespoke extensions such as “.shop”, “.gallery” and even “.church”. There are 1000s to choose from but bare in mind that these extensions are fairly new and some visitors may find it difficult to remember them.

Choose Your Hosting Package

Great stuff - we’re progressing nicely! The next step is to decide on your web hosting package. The package that you’ll need is heavily dependent on the answer to the first question; what is the purpose of your website. For example, if you are going to sell things, you will need to have an Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. SSL is an added level of security when connecting people to your website and its services, and is crucial if you want to sell anything online. If you are considering running a business, you will probably need many professional email addresses. Therefore, you may want to choose one of our packages that come with a lot of email accounts. If you are considering running a small portfolio with mainly static information, you may want to consider our lowest, most basic package as you won’t need the higher storage that is available on the other packages.

One thing to consider is if you are creating a new website, our top package provides priority support so if you think that you’ll need a helping hand, you may want to consider the Samson package.

Choose How to Build Your Website

This is it, your last step! You know the purpose of your website, you have chosen your domain name (including the domain extension), and now you’ve decided on which web hosting package to use, so what’s the last step? You need to decide on how you want your website built. When building a new house, there are several options available to you when it comes to which materials you want to use such as breeze blocks, wood or normal bricks. This is the same for building websites. However, the two most common options for someone with little to no web building experience is to either use Wordpress or to hire a website developer.

Wordpress is the world’s most popular website building platform. We make the process of using Wordpress as simple as possible by providing a one-click installation option to get you up and running.

The second popular option is to hire someone to create the website for you. This is naturally the most expensive option but you will get exactly what you want. This option is a lot better for people who want an expert who can guide them through the process of setting up a new website. We would definitely recommend this to first timers. A quality website developer will be able to build a bespoke website to your needs.

Note: Ark Web Hosting use a number of website developers for their projects and so should you wish to need support in finding one, don’t hesitate to contact us.

That's it, you've finished!

If you need help with anything above, please feel free to raise a support ticket by clicking here and someone from our team will get back to you.